LAST COPY AVAILABLE: MDK Original Found Footage Purist Version. Can be redubbed upon request to another version.


The ultimate found footage experience. USA orders only. See unreleased alternate versions of MDK. It has the vibe of a real cursed tape. Each tape will contain one version of MDK. Custom dubs available - email



You must sign a waiver (see terms at the bottom of this description) before your purchase ships. 


Limited Edition - only 25 copies will be sold. Various versions of Murder Death Koreatown dubbed onto random old VHS tapes. Quality is lofi, poor, and audio may be inaudible at points. It's a real bootleg dub. Sound levels might be all over the place - do not set volume too high and blow your speakers. Pictures above are examples only, each tape will have a different look, case and content. Note that these are old tapes, with no guarantee they will last. 


Versions (limited supply of each)

1. MDK Original Version or Found Footage Purist Version - first 5 ordres include the full sticker jacket if you request and it's available. 

2. MDK B - Slightly alternate ending/sequencing. (RT 70ish minutes - no music/pure found footage)

3. MDK C - Very similar to MDKB but a little mandella effect (RT 70ish minutes - no music/pure found footage)

4. MDK D - Deep cut - shorter, funnier, scarier, incel, mandella effect. (RT 45ish minutes - no music/pure found footage)


Collector's Versions:

Three one of a kind VHS tapes. Parts of their original contents have been captured and redited then redubbed onto the original tape. These editions may be dubbed onto other VHS tapes, but these original copies are one of a kind.   

1. 9/11 Edition - UNAVAILABLE

MDKD dubbed over an original recording of CNN taped the day after 9/11/2001. The tape is labeled "9/11/2001". No details will be shared but whoever buys this is in for a treat. 

2. Old Friends - UNAVAILABLE

A special dub of MDKD onto a tape of religious programming. 

3. George/Jim Jones - UNAVAILABLE

Find out what MDKB, George Jones (the country singer) and Jim Jones (the cult leader) all have in common. Warning: seriously fucked up.


Waiver terms: 

Warning: this VHS could potentially cause irreversible psychological damage. In order to proceed you must accept the terms listed below:


  • Warning Acknowledgement: I understand and acknowledge the warning above but wish to proceed anyway, releasing/waiving all potential liability from anyone but myself for proceeding.

  • Mental Health: I am of sound mental health. 

  • Tape Destruction: I understand that this tape is far too dangerous to end up in the hands of a random member of the public. Therefore, when I no longer wish to possess this tape, I agree to DESTROY IT. 

  • Tape Responsibility: I am responsible for whoever I share this tape with in regards to the warnings and their mental health. 

  • Non-Piracy: I will not rip or copy this tape.

  • Audio Damage: This VHS is a bootleg and audio levels might be very high or low at parts. Do no use expensive audio equipment for watching or you might damage your equipment. Do not listen too loud and blow your speakers. Audio levels are generally much louder on the source VHS material and much lower during the dub itself. 


Caveat Emptor - you might receive a different version of the film than advertised. Each VHS version of the film may be slightly different. 


Shipping included for USA orders. International orders by request only with surcharge and no free shipping.